7 Reasons Why you Should Have A Facial at The Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate

The Nail & Body Boutique Reigate beauty salon specialises in targeted and #Luxury-Facial-Treatments-Reigate, including Environ, Jan Marini, CACI non-surgical solutions, Observ skin analysis, microdermabrasion, collagen and anti-age facial solutions, IPL treatments and skin rejuvenation beauty [...]

A Song of Fire & Ice – Facials Reigate Surrey

Not Game of Thrones but a new season. As Autumn gives way to Winter colour, increasingly crisper conditions point to preparing a new programme for your skincare #Facials-Reigate. Turn up the heat Seasonal changes affect [...]

LVL Express, Individual, Volume and Russian Lashes for your eye shape

How to Pick the Right False Lashes for Your Eye Shape At The Nail & Body Boutique, Surrey we understand all things lashes!  Did you know you can instantly make your eyes appear bigger and brighter [...]

Smooth Skin – Hair Removal, Waxing, IPL Reigate

Our range of #Hair-Removal-Waxing-Reigate and grooming beauty treatments at Reigate, Surrey’s The Nail & Body Boutique ensure a smooth and silky finish. We offer permanent and pain-free hair removal solutions for a hair-free facial, body [...]

Best #Massage Reigate, Redhill, Kingswood

Surrey’s exclusive beauty and nail salon, the Nail and Body Boutique invites you to a special selection of therapeutic beauty treatments for the face and body. Our fully qualified team of beauty therapists are committed [...]

Time To SpaTee! – Beauty Treatments, Reigate Surrey

We’re all thinking it, but no one is saying it, yet. Shall we be the first ones to mention the C word……? Ok, here goes! We are officially 9 weeks away from Christmas! [...]

Don’t Get Dehydrated This Winter – Transformative Facials, Reigate, Surrey

We all know seasonal changes affect the skin. Colder temperatures, winds, central heating and dry air reduce the moisture levels in the skin, leading to dehydration, roughness and flakey skin. It can also make conditions [...]

Reigate, Surrey’s Best Beauty Treatments – The Nail & Body Boutique

The Nail & Body Boutique is based in the historic market town of Reigate, our nail and beauty spa has a wide range of luxury treatments and pampering therapies, along with everyday beauty needs such [...]

Smoother, Brighter Complexion – Facials, Reigate, Surrey

At the Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate we are HUGE believers in taking care of your skin. You cannot have good make-up if you don’t start with the base first. We offer a whole host [...]

IPL hair removal, Surrey

We know, hair removal isn’t something you’d usually be thinking about at this time of year. It’s getting colder, we’re wearing more trousers and tights so the last thing you want to think about is [...]