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Find cellulite solution and body sculpting treatment to remove orange peel skin at the Nail and Body Boutique in Reigate, near Gatwick and Redhill

Surrey’s award-winning salon the Nail and Body Boutique has everything you need to pamper your body and love your skin. Heal, hydrate and exfoliate problem skin with our Jan Marini Glycolic back scrub, perfect for fixing skin conditions, in-grown hairs and acne. Say goodbye to cellulite with our luxurious body sculpting treatment, getting rid of that orange-peel skin look while firming and tightening the skin, leaving you looking trim and radiant.

This effective solution at Surrey’s the Nail and Body Boutique will correct a variety of skin conditions such as congested skin, acne and in-growing hairs. The treatment will exfoliate, heal and re-hydrate the skin resulting in a smoother, clearer complexion.
60 minutes | £85
Blast away cellulite with the Nail and Body Boutique’s effective Environ active vitamin body sculpting. In our luxury Reigate beauty rooms, dramatically reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite whilst tightening and firming the skin. Perfect for common areas of concern.

1 hour Course of 6*
Thighs £75 £405
Buttocks £75 £405
Hips £75 £405
Stomach £75 £405
Triceps £75 £405
Hips & stomach £125 £675
Thighs & buttocks £125 £675

*courses of 6 are recommended for optimum, lasting results