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The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin
  • Find specialist skin care facial solutions and beautiful complexion beauty treatments in Reigate, Bletchingley and Woodhatch in Surrey at beauty specialists The Nail & Body Boutique Reigate. Facial and skin care, find waxing near me at the the Nail & Body Boutique, Surrey, located near Walton on the Hill, Dorking, Kingswood, RH6, RH2, Betchworth, Nutfield, Reigate Hill, South Park and Brockham. Best luxury beauty treatments and facials to help you find healthy, nourished skin and skin care routines plus microblading. Our brands include Jan Marini, IPL, CACI and Environ, offering Microdermabrasion and Micro-needle skin facial therapy for acne, anti-age facial and boost collagen beauty treatments. Best deals for beauty, tanning, waxing and nails.
  • Beauty treatments in Reigate Hill, RH6, Walton on the Hill, Leigh and Godstone at award-winning the Nail & Body Boutique, where skin facial treatments, microdermabrasion, micro-needle skin therapy, facial therapy, skin rejuvenation and IPL skin care are available. Find CACI non-surgical solutions at beauty salon the Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate Heath.
  • The Nail & Body Boutique Reigate, Surrey, near RH2, RH1, Bletchingley, Kingswood, South Park and Reigate Hill, offers Jan Marini facials and luxury skincare at our beauty salon in Surrey as well as CACI facials and Environ facials. Beauty treatments, skin care and day spa special offers at award-winning the Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate, Surrey. Book online for our best beauty deals, facials beauty treatments and spa packages.
  • Book online for award-winning beauty treatments, facials, healthy skin, and luxury skin care beauty and body treatments RH6 Reigate, near Sidlow, Leigh, Brockham and Merstham RH1. Skincare professionals offer skin facial treatments, beauty treatments, clear complexion solutions at our beauty salon at the Nail & Body Boutique Reigate, Surrey. Help with acne, spotty skin, breakouts, dry skin, age spots, fine lines and menopausal skin.
The Nail & Body Boutique Reigate beauty salon specialises in targeted and luxury facial therapy treatments, including Environ, Jan Marini, CACI non-surgical solutions, Observ skin analysis, microdermabrasion, collagen and anti-age facial solutions, IPL treatments and skin rejuvenation beauty treatments.

At the Nail and Body Boutique, Surrey’s award-winning and luxurious beauty salon, we offer transformative facials to meet our clients’ individual skin care needs and concerns. Our bespoke skin facial treatment solutions repair, nourish and renew. From fine line or acne, to problem skin and anti-age facials, we work with you to rejuvenate your skin care routine for a healthy and beautifully toned complexion. If your skin needs to benefit from pampering and expert facial therapies, book a Surrey facial beauty treatment at our Reigate day spa, the Nail and Body Boutique in Surrey. Why not book a pampering body massage at the same time to feel your very best!

Many skin conditions originate from deeper layers of the skin and are difficult to diagnose with just the human eye. At the Nail and Body Boutique beauty salon, our Observ skin analysis will take images of your skin using powerful polarization and fluorescence illumination allowing our Surrey beauty salon skin consultants to diagnose common skin disorders, we can then ensure a bespoke facial therapy and beauty treatment plan is offered to you to combat your skin care concerns.

Book your Photographic Facial Skin Care Analysis at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey today. You’re worth it!

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against products, treatments & courses)


Environ premier skin care and skin facial treatments Surrey use a unique combination of powerful vitamins and antioxidants to help improve the appearance of lines, problem skin, sun damage, uneven skin tone and dryness. The Nail and Body Boutique Reigate beauty salon also uses facial therapy helping to protect, nourish, repair and feed the skin. Using a combination of sound waves and small electrical pulses, our award-winning beauty and skincare consultants at The Nail & Body Boutique Surrey deliver nutrients where your skin needs it most. Environ facials Surrey are able to penetrate antioxidants and vitamins into the deepest layer of the dermis, maximising skin care and health results.

Redefine your face with CACI at the award-winning Nail & Body Boutique beauty salon in Surrey

Outstanding results for clients who are serious about skin care, muscle tone and texture of the face.

The award winning CACI beauty treatment system available at The Nail and Body Boutique Reigate will re-educate the facial muscles to tighten, tone and redefine the facial structure. The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey facial therapy uses a micro-current to perform a pain-free non-surgical solution. CACI crystal free microdermabrasion skin facial treatment at The Nail and Body Boutique RH1 exfoliates the skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. CACI skin care facials will provide maximum results for muscle tone and texture.

*courses are recommended for optimum and lasting results. Individual lifts will last around 5 days.

Common skin care concerns including sun damage, fine lines, extractions, acne, acne scarring and skin discolouration can be greatly improved and even resolved by the use of Jan Marini’s specialised facial formulations and skin facial treatments at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey. With the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System at Surrey’s award-winning beauty salon, the Nail and Body Boutique, skin of all types can be stimulated with facial therapy to appear clearer, younger, smoother and healthier.

* Consultation required. We recommend the use of our home care beauty treatment management system two weeks prior to your first in-house peel. This will prepare the skin and accelerate the results. Not essential but recommended.

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