Hair Removal, Waxing & IPL beauty treatments
at The Nail & Body Boutique

Goodbye razor… hello laser

There are a Brazilian reasons to get a wax

Our range of hair removal and grooming beauty treatments at Reigate, Surrey’s The Nail & Body Boutique ensure a smooth and silky finish. We offer permanent and pain-free hair removal solutions for a hair-free facial, body or intimate beauty treatment.

Ask the Nail and Body Boutique’s beauty therapists about IPL hair removal in Surrey or Reigate waxing for semi-permanent and permanent hair removal at our luxurious Surrey day spa. Hot wax and strip wax hair removal systems are also available at The Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate’s leading beauty salon, delivering professional results.

Delivering a fast, thorough and virtually pain free hair removal at Reigate Heath beauty salon, the Nail and Body Boutique Surrey. Our waxing hair removal is suitable for all skin types and unwanted hair at Surrey’s the Nail & Body Boutique – even the most sensitive skin will get superb, smooth, hair-free results guaranteed.

Close to Redhill, Leigh and Nutfield, Surrey beauty salon The Nail & Body Boutique are specialists in lasting hair removal using both strip wax and hot wax for luxury, semi-permanent male and female hair removal. Our waxing salon gives you fuzz-free facial hair removal for a stubborn lady moustache or unwanted hair anywhere! The Nail & Body Boutique’s hair removal treatments for men and women can be done for stubborn hair, hairy faces, body hair removal and intimate hair removal with our practically pain-free bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing treatments. Get a gorgeously smooth face, smooth underarms and smooth legs at  The Nail & Body Boutique, near to Betchworth, Lower Kingswood and Brockham.

We wax upper lips, eyebrows, chins, underarms, arms, legs and intimate areas. Try Reigate Hill’s the Nail & Body Boutique ultimate signature wax for all-over fuzz-free silky lasting hair removal!

Hair-free with hot wax – suitable for more sensitive areas and will remove hairs as short as 1mm.

Strip wax hair removal – suitable for larger areas and will remove even the shortest of hairs.

The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey IPL hair removal offers a safe, long term solution for unwanted, excess or stubborn hair for both men and women.

Our IPL hair removal at Surrey beauty salon, The Nail & Body Boutique, are suitable for the face and body. Surrey IPL hair removal results can be permanent and virtually pain free.

IPL hair removal Consultation & Patch test | £20*
A IPL hair removal consultation and patch test is required before any IPL hair removal treatment at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey is conducted.

*Redeemable against any IPL hair removal course booked

Please note: prices may increase depending on the area required for hair removal.

FEMALE BODY Per Session From Course of 6 from Maintenance from *
Fingers or toes £65 £310 £55
Nipples or navel line £65 £310 £55
Hands or feet £75 £360 £65
Underarm £85 £405 £75
Basic Bikini £95 £455 £80
Extended Bikini £110 £530 £95
Brazilian Bikini £130 £625 £105
Hollywood Bikini £165 £790 £135
Lower or upper arm, abdomen or lower back £130 £625 £105
Full arm £180 £865 £160
Lower leg £180 £865 £160
Upper leg £195 £935 £170
Upper leg including basic Bikini £220 £1,055 £190
Full leg £275 £1,320 £225
Full leg including basic Bikini £305 £1,465 £250
Underarm and basic Bikini £140 £670 £120
Underarm and extended Bikini £170 £815 £150
Underarm and Brazilian Bikini £170 £815 £150
Underarm and Hollywood Bikini £210 £1,010 £180
FEMALE FACE Per Session From Course of 6 from Maintenance from *
Centre brows £45 £215 £35
Upper lip £50 £240 £40
Chin £50 £240 £40
Sides of face £50 £240 £40
Lip and chin £80 £385 £65
Jaw line & chin or neck £95 £455 £80
Full face £145 £695 £115
Full Face & front neck £165 £790 £135
MALE FACE Per Session From Course of 6 from Maintenance from *
Earlobes or centre brow £45 £215 £35
Upper cheeks £65 £310 £55
Neck: front or back £95 £455 £80
Neck: front and back £130 £625 £105
Beard £140 £670 £120
Beard and front of neck £165 £790 £135
MALE BODY Per Session From Course of 6 from Maintenance from *
Hands or feet £75 £360 £55
Underarm £95 £455 £75
Buttocks £110 £530 £95
Lower arm, chest or stomach £140 £670 £120
Full arm or full back £205 £985 £175
Shoulders and upper arms £205 £985 £175
Chest and stomach £220 £1,055 £190
Lower leg £220 £1,055 £190
Upper leg £250 £1,200 £200
Full leg £385 £1,850 £330
Full back including shoulders £250 £1,200 £200


* Maintenance Prices: These prices are based on completion of a 6 session course.

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