Find strong natural brows with microblading at Redhill beauty salon

Eyebrow microblading is an ancient technique used to create beautiful semi-permanent eyebrows originally developed in Asia. There’s a lot of confusion over #microblading and tattooing, but there are three big differences between them.

Individual strokes are drawn on one by one with a microblade tool, creating a flawless look of real hair, unlike the block effect of a tattooed brow. The microblade is similar to a scalpel, with a series of microneedles instead of a blade, which are dipped into a colour selected to suit you, and used to make a fine cut, or micro stroke, into the skin.

The pigment used has a base of iron oxide, which is often used in eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and foundation. It allows the colour to softly fade over time, and in the end, vanish, unlike the inks used in cosmetic tattoos.

The pigment is only implanted into the upper layer of the dermis, just below the epidermis which is constantly growing. This means the colour retention won’t be poor because it’s not deep enough, blurred and scarred because it’s too deep. Your eyebrows will always look on point!

Because of this technique, it prevents the colour fading into an unnatural shade that you quite often see with tattooed brows. The #Microblading-Surrey result offers a very natural eyebrow appearance with perfect sculpted, arched eyebrows which can last up to 18 months.

It’s perfect for you if you want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill in over plucked brows. It’s a virtually pain free and semi permanent solution to give you the closest thing to #natural brows as possible.  Have a look at our treatment page

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