Reigate Beauty Salon Specialising in Microblading

At the Nail and Body Boutique, our fully qualified team of beauty therapists are committed to providing you with an exceptional level of service. We will tailor our beauty treatments to [...]

Ooh La La…Amazing Thicker Longer Eye Lashes Reigate

Once the go to beauty secret for A-list celebrities, lash extensions are now available for us all to transform you into a red carpet sensation. Whether it is the red carpet [...]

Is microblading right for me? The Nail & Body Boutique, Surrey answers

Eyebrow microblading is an ancient technique used to create beautiful semi-permanent eyebrows originally developed in Asia. There’s a lot of confusion over #microblading and tattooing, but there are three big differences [...]

LVL Lashes and Brows – Reigate, Surrey

Ultimate Lash Lift - No more eyelash curlers! Longer, fuller lashes. The lashes are gently lifted and fixed into place position that lasts between 6-8 weeks. Call The Nail & Body [...]

Eyes wide open – LVL lashes

Before and After #LVL lashes. This revolutionary lash treatment will add length, volume and lift to natural lashes. LVL Enhance straightens natural lashes at the root, giving the effect of longer, [...]

Beautiful Eyebrows….Microblading Reigate, Surrey

Say goodbye to cartoon drawn on eyebrows and hello to natural looking eyebrows. You no longer need to have sharpie blueish lines etched above your eyes! The traditional used ink lasted [...]

Microblading and Reigate Beauty Treatments

We have over 1700 satisfied customers, as verified by mylocalsalon! Come in regularly as part of your beauty routine and our award-winning, highly-trained beauty team will advise the best solution for [...]

Flirty LVL Lashes treatment

⭐⭐LVL Lashes⭐⭐ LVL stands for lift, volume and length! If you want your lashes to have all three Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate, Surrey strongly suggests you try out this treatment [...]

Microblading at The Nail & Body Boutique Reigate Surrey

#Microblading for perfect semi permanent brows.  Great for: - over plucked - sparse brows - gaps - thinness - hair loss Unlike other brow treatments which use a ‘one shape sits [...]