Bespoke Massage Treatments at The Nail & Body Boutique

Relax, every body needs a massage

Body massage holds huge health benefits for the mind and the body. Our bespoke aromatherapy, lava and glacial shell massage treatments are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to relax, destress or recharge – our unique massage therapy combinations will leave your mind and body feeling calm, balanced and revitalised.

If it’s time for you to unwind, indulge and rebalance, book your choice of massage at The Nail & Body Boutique and leave feeling pampered and recharged from head to toe.

All of our massages are available to buy in courses of 3 or 6. Receive 10% discount when booking 3 or 15% discount when booking 6 sessions.

Our hands-on massage, personalised to your emotion and specific needs with the use of a bespoke oil will leave your body and mind uplifted, relaxed, re-energised or tension free depending on your oil choice. These treatments will balance the body and improve your mind, body, and soul whilst providing hydration and moisturizing of the skin.

Scalp 30 minutes | £35
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 minutes | £40
Back, Neck & Shoulder 45 minutes | £55
Full Body 1 hour | £70

Using a combination of hot tiger clam shells and cold glacial shells, along with body hydrating oils, these massage treatments will promote extreme relaxation through an indulgent mix of heat and touch therapy while easing tight, tense muscle and joint aches and pains.