Massage at Surrey Beauty Salon The Nail & Body Boutique

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A luxurious massage at Surrey beauty salon the Nail & Body Boutique will recharge and rebalance you from head to toe. Enjoy the Nail & Body Boutique’s aromatherapy massage for a bespoke beauty treatment designed around your needs, with head massage, full body massage and back, neck and shoulder massage. Reigate award-winning beauty salon the Nail & Body Boutique offers Lava Shell massage and Glacial Shell massage for extreme relaxation and sports massage, perfect for fitness and marathon runners. Ease aching, tired muscles and relax those tense, knotted areas with the Nail & Body Boutique, Reigate’s bespoke Surrey massages.

Benefits of a regular massage at Reigate’s the Nail & Body Boutique are huge, and go far beyond just relaxation:

Massage affects delta waves, which are the kind of brain waves connected to deep sleep. Massage promotes the kind of deep relaxation and feelings of wellbeing needed for a good night’s rest, and the pain-reducing properties of regular massage means there is one more reason for you to get decent shut-eye. Treat yourself to a luxury massage at the Nail & Body Boutique and start enjoying the massage benefits today.
Scientists have found that massage can boost white blood cell count, giving your body a better fighting defence. The Nail & Body Boutique’s Reigate massages will also destress and pamper you, keeping you healthy and ready for anything.
Massages reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which means a massage really does make you feel better. Massages can also lower blood pressure, and boost the hormones serotonin and dopamine which promote feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Feel the full benefits with a regular massage at Reigate beauty salon the Nail & Body Boutique.
A recent study found that receiving massages help people manage pain and feel better. Massage improves circulation, allowing your body to heal itself faster and reduce inflammation. Human touch in a professional and safe environment is vital for promoting wellness and full body wellbeaing, so book your Surrey massage at the Nail & Body Boutique today.
Long days sitting at your desk can cause a build up of stress and tension in your lower back, shoulders and neck. If you’re feeling sore and tired after sitting all day, book yourself a massage at the Nail & Body Boutique to destress and ease your aching muscles.
Studies have shown that regular massage can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines. Massages release tension and ease pain, reducing stress and allowing people with chronic headaches to manage their migraines better. The Nail & Body Boutique offers Surrey massages and head massages for a complete body relaxation.
Scientists have shown that receiving just a 15-minute massage can make you more alert. Boost your brainpower with a Reigate massage at the Nail & Body Boutique!