Pedicures & Toes at Surrey Beauty Salon The Nail & Body Boutique

Get fabulous feet near me at The Nail & Body Boutique, Surrey

Surrey beauty salon The Nail and Body Boutique are specialists in luxury foot treatments and pedicures. If you’re looking for Surrey nails, The Nail and Body Boutique offer Gel Nails and Shellac nails for flawless toenails near Redhill. The Nail and Body Boutique’s Surrey pedicures offer complete foot pampering and nail perfection with footbath soaks, cuticle treatments, foot exfoliation and foot moisturiser, finished off with Shellac or OPI Gel Color toenail polish. The Nail and Body Boutique pedicures also offer paraffin wax foot treatments proven to help alleviate arthritis pain, perfect for dehydrated skin and aching joints.

Your feet are the often the most neglected part of your body, and without pampering at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey they can start to show it. Badly-fitting shoes, being on your feet all day, perspiration, open sandals and walking anywhere with bare feet can cause dry feet, cracked heels, hard skin, rough skin and fungal nail infections. Avoid unnecessary pedi-stress and keep your feet in flawless condition with a Surrey pedicure at The Nail and Body Boutique.

Regular pedicures at Surrey beauty salon the Nail and Body Boutique means any problems will be caught and fixed in the early stages. Reigate’s the Nail and Body Boutique are specialists in fixing any current issues with your feet or toenails – we can heal hard skin, fix cracked heels, nourish your dry and rough skin and stop problems like fungal nail infections or ingrown toenails taking hold. The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey pedicures will also tidy up your toenails and give you feet to be proud of, so book your Redhill pedicure beauty salon appointment today and get your feet looking brilliant again.

Taking out time for pampering is deeply relaxing and essential in the modern world. The Nail and Body Boutique’s Reigate beauty salon gives foot massages as part of our pedicures, improving blood circulation and removing aches and pains, so you look and feel like you’re walking on air.

Get confidence with every inch of your appearance with a luxury Surrey pedicure at the Nail and Body Boutique. Our feet say a lot about ourselves – make sure yours aren’t sending out the wrong message when you’re walking! The Nail and Body Boutique beauty salon will give you well-maintained, clean toenails and nourished, youthful-looking feet, vital for making a good impression.

The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey offer OPI’s shine-intense Gel Color nail polish in Surrey, for manicured toenails all the time! The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey nail bar have a choice of over 100 shades that cure in 30 seconds and outlast other gel nail polishes by weeks. The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey gel toenail polish is applied quickly and removed easily when you’re ready for a change, so your Redhill toenails will always look good.

Surrey pedicures from The Nail and Body Boutique promote the health of your toenails and feet, keeping them strong, beautiful and nourished.