Vegan Treatments

Come in and try our vegan treatments at The Nail & Body Boutique
Find cruelty-free beauty treatments and vegan beauty salon in Surrey

Here at the Nail and Body Boutique, we’re proud to stock vegan-friendly product ranges including Dr. PawPaw shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment mask and multi-use balm!

Our Jane Iredale mineral makeup range not only provides amazing coverage but is also kind to your skin – with no animals harmed in the making! It is made using high-grade ingredients which are non-irritating and don’t block facial pores, giving you beauty from the inside out. Our make up looks are 100% mineral and 100% natural.

All of our Kokolokahi massage oils are also vegan! Each oil is created to evoke an emotion based on the blend of essential oils. If you need to be uplifted, relaxed, re-energised or tension free then we can provide you with the perfect massage to improve your mind, body and soul.

Enriching kokolokahi BALANCE oil is recommended for expectant women, it will help keep you feeling your best throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Come in and treat yourself!