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#Facials are essential for physical and mental health. Setting aside time for pampering is a vital necessity – especially when you think you’re too busy for me-time. The health benefits of facials using #CACI, #Environ and #Jan Marini at Surrey facial specialist the Nail and Body Boutique are huge. From solving #problem skin, #acne, #fine lines, you can start enjoying younger looking skin today with our advanced facials designed around you. To find out more about the benefits about our skin-saving facials, investing in looking after your skin and our exclusive facial brands, visit: or speak to our facial consultants at The Nail & Body Boutique, Surrey who will be pleased to advise on your skin and provide an in-depth photographic skin case analysis to truly understand beneath your skin:

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The perfect antidote to a dry, lacklustre complexion, The Nail and Body Boutique’s Surrey intensive facial beauty treatment deeply hydrates while plumping and firming the skin to boost your skin care routine. With the use of Hyoluronic Acid, it will help to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and will increase the plumpness of the skin, resulting in moisturised, glowing skin.
Recommended for: Dehydrated skin, dryness and fine lines or simply glowing skin for special occasions. Treat yourself to Environ Hydraboost Facial Treatment from The Nail and Body Boutique RH2

This highly effective skin facial treatment is a must for anyone experiencing fine lines. The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey uses a special penta-peptide serum to target frown lines and will achieve dramatic results. The unique skin care combination of active ingredients is driven deep into the skin to soften lines and reduce muscle tension in the forehead, helping to prevent new lines from forming.
Recommended for: Fine lines, prevention. Get your luxurious Environ No Tox Facial Treatment only at The Nail and Body Boutique Reigate

The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey’s Environ peptide-packed anti-age facial helps to boost collagen, soften fine lines and tighten lax skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. This innovative Surrey beauty treatment will deliver a special nutrient-pocked serum deep into the skin. The facial therapy formula contains a unique combination of three powerful peptide complexes which work in synergy to give skin a plumper, more radiant appearance.
Recommended for: Dry, sun damaged or mature skin, menopause skin, it’s the perfect pick me up. Enjoy an Environ Collagen Power Facial with The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey

CACI #Facials-Surrey
Redefine your face with CACI at the award-winning Nail & Body Boutique beauty salon in Surrey
Outstanding results for clients who are serious about skin care, muscle tone and texture of the face.

The award winning CACI beauty treatment system available at The Nail and Body Boutique Reigate will re-educate the facial muscles to tighten, tone and redefine the facial structure. The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey facial therapy uses a micro-current to perform a pain-free non-surgical solution. CACI crystal free microdermabrasion skin facial treatment at The Nail and Body Boutique RH1 exfoliates the skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. CACI skin care facials will provide maximum results for muscle tone and texture.

*courses are recommended for optimum and lasting results. Individual lifts will last around 5 days.

CACI LIFT FACIAL * #Facials-Surrey
Advanced yet non-invasive anti-age facial treatment from The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey. Using tiny electrical impulses, this facial beauty treatment will lift tone and re-educate the facial muscles, whilst improving skin’s elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Recommended for: All skin types. Enjoy a CACI Lift Facial with The Nail and Body Boutique Reigate

The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey’s anti-age facial targets loose muscles around the neck and jaw. This skin facial treatment from CACI will lift, firm and redefine the facial contour. Tiny electrical impulses will re-educate the jowl and neck muscles whilst improving the skin’s elasticity resulting in luxurious skin care with a firmer, toned and more defined structure.
Recommended for: Lost definition of the neck and jowl. Book your CACI Jowl Lift Facial at The Nail and Body Boutique KT20 today. You’re worth it!

CACI EYE REVIVE * #Facials-Surrey
An anti-age eye treatment targeting all eye concerns. The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey CACI beauty treatment will reduce the appearance of sagging eye muscles and fine lines whilst reducing puffiness and dark circles. Tiny micro-currents will gently tighten and tone whilst a deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask will soothe and refresh tired eyes – the perfect facial therapy and skin care treatment for tired eyes.
Recommended for: Tired, puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines. Pamper yourself with a CACI Eye Revive at The Nail and Body Boutique RH1

Combining crystal free microdermabrasion with LED light therapy at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey. This skin facial treatment will exfoliate the skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. CACI electrical stimulation will target lines and wrinkles, providing a non-invasive facial therapy alternative to collagen injections, as well as healing the skin and triggering tissue repair, finishing with a hydrating, cooling gel mask for the ultimate skin care package.
Recommended for: Sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone, roscacea and problem skin including wrinkles, fine lines and acne scarred skin. Try CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion Facial at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey

Add one or more of our enhancements to your The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey CACI Lift treatment to intensify the results and combat any specific area of skin care or facial therapy concern.
Jowl Lift – lifts and defines
Intense Eye Lift – intensified lift
ETR – enhanced tissue repair for problematic areas
LED Therapy – stimulates collagen and elastin
Hydra-Tone – intense hydration

We’ve combined two of our most effective skin facial treatments to bring you the ultimate in premium skin care at Reigate beauty salon the Nail & Body Boutique. This highly effective beauty treatment harnesses the potent nutrients and antioxidants in Environ’s vitamin facial to stimulate and boost collagen and soften lines, and uses CACI technology to lift and tone facial muscles. The result is glowing, radiant skin and a youthful, lifted appearance.
Recommended for: All skin types. Get fresh-faced with Signature Surrey Facial at The Nail and Body Boutique Reigate

Common skin care concerns including sun damage, fine lines, extractions, acne, acne scarring and skin discolouration can be greatly improved and even resolved by the use of Jan Marini’s specialised facial formulations and skin facial treatments at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey. With the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System at Surrey’s award-winning beauty salon, the Nail and Body Boutique, skin of all types can be stimulated with facial therapy to appear clearer, younger, smoother and healthier.
* Consultation required. We recommend the use of our home care beauty treatment management system two weeks prior to your first in-house peel. This will prepare the skin and accelerate the results. Not essential but recommended.

The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey skin facial treatment for effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing. An outstanding deep cleansing facial therapy treatment with instant skin care benefits. Enzymes are used to digest dead or diseased skin cells without harming living healthy cells. An immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity will be delivered at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey. Available with or without extractions.
Recommended for: Acne, hyper-pigmentation and scar tissue. Try Jan Marini Deep Cleansing Enzyme Facial at The Nail and Body Boutique RH2

This effective anti-age facial treatment from The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey will clarify skin texture, minimize the appearance of fine lines, fade the appearance of discoloration to uneven skin tone and assists in resolving acne, all while boosting collagen and elastin. With minimal dryness, no irritation and no down time this beauty treatment is perfect for special occasions and as part of your skin care routine.
Recommended for: All skin types. Get your luxurious Jan Marini Glycolic Facial Peel at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey

An anti-age facial for immediate and dramatically visible skin care retexturing, smoothing and firming. The Nail and Body Boutique’s Surrey lightening and brightening facial beauty treatment will combat the effects of ageing, pollution and sun damage, resulting in a smoother, firmer appearance with a brighter complexion.
Recommended for: All skin types particularly sensitive skin and dull complexions. KT20’s The Nail and Body Boutique recommends Jan Marini C’esta Revival Facial for perfect pampered luxury

An in-depth skin and face consultation is required before any IPL facial beauty treatment at our Surrey beauty salon The Nail and Body Boutique is carried out. At your facial consultation with our IPL facial expert at the Nail and Body Boutique, we will determine your skin care concerns, work out the best suited session for you and perform a patch test using our IPL laser.
£20 (redeemable on single treatments and courses for IPL)

The Nail and Body Boutique, Reigate’s premier award-winning beauty salon, offer a solution to all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage. Our skin care focused Surrey facial therapy can help with pigmentation, redness, thread veins, Rosacea, red spots, uneven skin texture, freckles and age spots with our targeted skin treatment. We can provide a long term skin care solution resulting in a smoother, clearer complexion and beautiful skin.
Surrey’s The Nail and Body Boutique recommends IPL facial veins or pigment removal for anyone looking for clear, smooth skin.

Cheeks #IPL-Surrey
Cheeks & nose #IPL-Surrey
Half face #IPL-Surrey
Full face #IPL-Surrey
Full face & neck #IPL-Surrey
Full face, neck & chest #IPL-Surrey
Chest only #IPL-Surrey
Hands IPL #IPL-Surrey

ACNE TREATMENT * #Facials-Surrey
Acne can be significantly and effectively treated with IPL facial therapy at award-winning Surrey beauty salon, the Nail and Body Boutique in Reigate. Our acne treatment greatly reduces the severity of active lesions, acne, spots and pimples, lessening the inflammation and frequency of break-outs.
Get an effective acne solution with IPL Acne Treatment from The Nail and Body Boutique RH1.

Half face #IPL-Surrey
Full face #IPL-Surrey
Shoulders #IPL-Surrey
Chest #IPL-Surrey
Full back #IPL-Surrey
* an in-depth consultation is required before any IPL treatment is carried out

Micro-Needling at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey is a multi-functional face therapy that uses tiny surgical grade needles to gently penetrate the skin to activate the body’s repairing mechanism. These beauty treatments will trigger the skin cells to boost collagen and elastin to erase the years from your skin, to remove wrinkles and solve problem skin. This Surrey facial treatment with skin therapy combats concerns such as scarred skin, wrinkly skin, enlarged pores, fine lines, stretch marks, sun damage and age spots
Try micro-needling skin therapy for fresh, youthful skin at The Nail and Body Boutique RH2

Acne Scarring micro needle therapy #Facials-Surrey
Stretch marks micro needle therapy #Facials-Surrey
Full face micro needle therapy #Facials-Surrey
Fine lines micro needle therapy #Facials-Surrey
Enlarged pores micro needle therapy #Facials-Surrey

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