Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by consultation

Ensuring we provide the most suitable treatments for you and your concerns, a personalised consultation will guide you through the process of your chosen treatment, answer any questions you have and explain to you about the pre and post treatment care.

Many skin conditions originate from deeper layers of the skin and are difficult to diagnose with just the human eye. At the Nail and Body Boutique beauty salon, our Observ skin analysis will take images of your skin using powerful polarization and fluorescence illumination allowing our Surrey beauty salon skin consultants to diagnose common skin disorders. We can then ensure a bespoke facial therapy and beauty treatment plan is offered to you to combat your skin care concerns.

Book your Photographic Facial Skin Care Analysis at The Nail and Body Boutique Surrey today. You’re worth it!

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against products, treatments & courses)

Our unique Signature facials will be discussed in consultation with you. We have multiple technologies and machines to combine in all our facial treatments to ensure that the appropriate treatment and plan will provide bespoke results to your specific concerns and requirements.

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against single sessions or courses)

Want to try before you buy? The perfect treatment for anyone who is looking at converting skincare brands. At your experience we will first perform a photographic skin analysis to determine your skin type and condition. After, we will provide an in-depth consultation to discuss your concerns and decide which products would be most appropriate to you. Once we have the accurate products chosen it is your chance to perform an express facial on yourself with the guidance of our therapists. They will explain the benefits and features of the products, how and when to use them along with any additional information you wish to discuss.

45 minutes | £35 (redeemable against products)

An in-depth consultation is required before any IPL treatment is carried out. We will perform a patch test, decide the recommended session for you along with a full medical questionnaire and any questions you have answered.

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against single sessions and courses)

An in-depth consultation is required before any CIT treatment is carried out. A full medical questionnaire will be asked along with all questions answered. A bespoke treatment plan will be discussed with you along with pre and post home-care advice.

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against course of treatments booked)

A consultation is required before any semi-permanent brow treatment is performed. A medical questionnaire will be completed along with a pigment patch test and any questions answered.

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against first treatment)

A medical questionnaire will be completed along with a discussion regarding the specific area of concern to be treated. A bespoke treatment plan will be prepared along with any questions answered.

30 minutes | £20 (redeemable against courses)

Providing you a bespoke consultation to discuss your specific requirements for any special occasion makeup application. We recommend attending this consultation at least 6 weeks prior to the occasion.

45 minutes | £30 (redeemable against product purchases)

Some of our treatments require a patch test 48 hour prior to the booked appointment. The following treatments are:

LVL, Tinting, Boutique Brows and Eyebrow Embroidery.

Patch tests can be arranged at time of booking.