The Nail & Body Boutique is an award winning beauty Salon, based in Surrey.  Located in the historic market town of Reigate, our nail and beauty salon has a wide range of luxury treatments and pampering therapies, along with everyday beauty needs such as manicures, pedicures, lashes, microblading,  Lipofirm Pro, Dermapen and tanning treatments.
Courtesy of our range of pampering beauty and body products and gifts available to purchase, you can take that spa sensation away with you!

The best way to unwind after a long and stressful day from modern life is by visiting a award winning beauty salon.  So, why not pamper yourself and enjoy the benefits our professional beauty salon offers. Whether you visit us for a rejuvenating facial or some other beauty treatments, it will help you relax, enjoy and love your life.
The professionals from our beauty salon will not only help you get glowing skin, but will also give you some suggestions on how to take care of your face and overall body at home. Our team are on hand to treat all guests like royalty. There is a wide range of beauty treatments you can receive and the benefits of each are huge.

By regularly visiting our award beauty salon, you will be in touch with therapists who can inform you about the latest trends in beauty. Treatments and techniques are constantly evolving, our team are devoted to their profession and follow every new trend. This is great since you can be sure that your treatment is up-to-date with new methods and techniques.

As skincare professionals, our award winning team are specialists in skincare who provide our clients with the best and most effective services. With the help of the latest technologies, methods, and products, you will receive the best treatment and service that will make your skin glow, as no one wants to have bad skin with acne.

As a respected beauty salon our manicurists can help you keep your hands soft and beautiful. We only use professional tools and products.

The Nail & Body Boutique prides itself on its modern and professional beauty salon which  offer a great range of services in order to keep your body, face to toe, looking beautiful and healthy. So, why not rejuvenate you skin and visit us – award winning beauty salon.  Treat yourself at least once every two weeks and enjoy your healthy body, silky smooth skin and gentle hands.

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