Natural Thick Sculpted brows with microblading

Check out the before and after shots of #microblading eyebrow shaping at The Nail & Body Boutique, Surrey. Natural looking eyebrows every time. You can find out more about our award winning treatments microblading brow treatment.

Microblading (also know as eyebrow embroidery) is a manual method of semi permanent makeup. The #microblading treatment has been around for centuries originating in Asia, however it is relatively new to the UK. This technique creates ultra fine realistic hair strokes. A fixed fine blade made up of tiny needles is attached to a manual pen, the blade is then used to deposit hypoallergenic pigment into the skin by creating fine cuts in the epidermis layer of skin, similar to a small paper cut, creating a fine natural looking hair stroke. The result of #microblading is a natural feathered hair stroke. The results can last up to 1-3 years depending on many different factors such as skin type and tone, sun exposure, and skin care regime.

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