Tanning salon, fake tan and waxing IPL treatments for hairless smooth skin

Waxing is a great way of keeping your skin smooth and hairless for weeks. Whether you’re waxing a small area like your eyebrows and upper lip or waxing larger areas such as your legs, back or chest, The Nail & Body Boutique have top tips to ensure skin is prepared to minimise discomfort and help you achieve the best results!

If you are looking to dazzle call us on 01737 242663 now!  We recommend following the steps below to make sure you’re ready for your waxing appointment:

Let It Grow…But Not Too Long – When hair is too short, the wax can’t pick it up well enough to remove it; when it’s too long, it prevents wax from adhering and causes more pain. Keep hair long enough for the wax to grip it. We recommend 2 / 3 weeks of growth, or about an eighth to a quarter of an inch, is ideal for leg, underarm and bikini hair.
Light Exfoliation – skip harsh scrubs the day of your waxing appointment. We advise only gently exfoliating your skin a day or two before waxing. Exfoliation helps wax grab hair and not skin, but it can also leave skin more sensitive to pain, so lighter is better. A rough washcloth is perfect for gentle exfoliation, remember to not scrub too hard.
Moisturise… Moisturise… Moisturise – Healthy, well-moisturised skin allows the wax to release more easily. Too much moisturiser could coat the hair and interfere with the wax’s grip, so avoid moisturising on the day of your waxing session. We recommend moisturising well on the days leading up to your appointment.
The Bikini Area -Waxing can leave skin vulnerable to infection, and areas of the body that are normally warm and damp are more prone to bacterial growth.
Check Skin – Please check your skin before your appointment. Broken skin or inflammation needs to heal before you’re ready to wax. If you have moles or beauty marks, please point them out to your beauty therapist so they can be protected during the waxing process.
Take A Retin-A Break – Certain medications can make skin more sensitive to waxing. Retin-A creams do amazing things for fine lines, acne and uneven pigmentation, but they also leave skin susceptible to injury during waxing. Please discontinue retinol-based products for two weeks before waxing. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Whether you prefer a Brazilian wax, LA wax or regular bikini, keep skin in the bikini area clean!