There are many myths surrounding vitamin A, but, as we move forward into Autumn, we need to start thinking about repairing the damaging effects of the summer sun, and how vitamin A can help achieve #healthyskin.


Myth 1:

Vitamin A thins the skin.

Vitamin A actually increases the growth of the basal layer of skin, which is why the epidermis becomes thicker and much more tolerant to any damaging environmental effects. It influences the genes that cause epidermal stem cells to become fully functioning and mature into healthy layers of epidermis.


Myth 2:

Vitamin A is toxic!

This is probably the most common misconception, usually due to the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for oral consumption. When we apply vitamin A to the skin, only a fraction of it penetrates down to the level of the dermis. Even when very high doses are applied, it has barely been detected in the bloodstream, even by the most sophisticated equipment.

Lorraine Perretta, head of nutrition at IIAA agrees that taking vitamin A orally is key. It’s important to feed the skin internally as well as externally, recommending at least 5000 ius a day.


Myth 3:

It causes skin to become inflamed.

If skin receives too much, too fast, it can experience a reaction, just like with any product. But, ironically, those who react to it the most are often those who need it the most! Those of us with sun damage are likely to have less vitamin A receptors in our skin, which means we’re more often deficient. The key is to introduce it gradually, so skin can become acclimatised.


There isn’t a shadow of doubt that vitamin A is the single most important nutrient you can use on your skin, it’s needed to rejuvenate skin and keep it healthy, it evens tone, reduces pigmentation spots, thickens skin, reduces the effects of scarring, lessens lines and wrinkles and give a healthy radiant glow.

Which is exactly what we all want!

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