Surrey luxury skincare and acne treatments for sensitive skin at the Nail & Body Boutique near Redhill and Gatwick

Did you know that spots can affect anyone at any age? Research has shown that adult acne is on the rise….
At the Nail and Body we can create a bespoke programme incorporating in-house treatments together with at-home products. Whether you suffer from the odd hormonal spot or if you have acne and acne scarring we have the solution to your concerns.

We will always start by looking at the products you use at home, diet, beauty treatments and lifestyle. From this we can determine what’s best suited for you that is going to fit into your lifestyle. In-house treatments can vary or we can use in combination with each other a course of peels alongside microdermabrasion. You will need one each of these a week for six weeks.

Feeding the skin from inside is key and The Nail & Body Boutique highly recommend Advanced Nutrition supplements to take every day to help speed up the results. Skin Complete, Skin Vitality 1 and Skin Accumax, available now at The Nail & Body Boutique, are the three main vitamins that will give your skin results.


This can happen at any time, due to hormones, lifestyle, stress, medical issues or medication.

The great thing is The Nail & Body Boutique offer a range of in-house treatments to help combat this skin concern. The Nail & Body Boutique’s favourite facial for that instant pick me up is ENVIRIONS Hydraboost: key ingredients are Vitamin A and C together with Hyloronic acid. This electrical facial will deliver these result-driven vitamins deeper because we’re using Sonopherisis and Iontopherisis technology that penetrate 4,400% deeper than a traditional hands-on facial. This will give you instant results and leave your skin feeling quenched and hydrated. The Nail & Body Boutique do recommend a course of 6 but even having one once a month will really help your skin and bring the hydration levels back to where they should be.

Use a good cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser at home to keep the lasting results. The Nail & Body Boutique recommend ENVIRONS Skin EssentiA cleanser and serum with youth EssentiA eye cream. You will need to get Environ Hyrating oil capsules from The Nail & Body Boutique and use these every night or every other night for a real skin treat.

For quicker results use Advanced Nutrition Supplements, available at The Nail & Body Boutique. Skin omegas are essential for hydration with Skin Complete which has the all-important Vit A.

Keep hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Add more omegas into your diet by eating more nuts and seeds, and eat more oily fish that has essential omegas 3 and 6 in – sardines, salmon, tuna, mackerel are packed with this vital ingredient.

If you suffer from dry, itching flaky skin on your body that can be diagnosed as dermatitis or eczema and you don’t want to go on a Steroid cream that your doctor has prescribed, then I can’t recommend enough ENVIRON’S award winning Derma Lac lotion. You can even use this on babies as young as 6 months old! It’s a best seller here at The Nail & Body Boutique. We’ve had clients pop in and say “Thank you for recommending it”. You will notice a difference within the first week. The results are amazing and you can use it all over the body.


If you have sensitive skin then please don’t worry about having facials done. This is always the issue. Please don’t be worried about having a facial or using good quality products, you’re depriving your skin if you don’t. The Nail & Body Boutique have a vast range of facial beauty treatments that are suitable for sensitive skin and products to match.

Using Environ we can guarantee that you won’t react, it’s impossible as Environ use pure ingredients and essential Vitamins. They never add parabens (which are associated to giving sensitivity), perfumes or other reactive ingredients that can cause sensitivity.

Please come and see us at The Nail & Body Boutique so we can put you on a fantastic, result-driven skin programme that will help to normalize the skin and get your skin back to being what it should be. Oh yes, we can even give you one of our facials that WON’T give you any sensitivity. Come on in, what are you waiting for… we looking forward to meeting you.


The number one skin concern.

There are so many treatments and products that go hand in hand to give you the results. Whether it’s just anti-ageing products you’re looking for or a combination of in-house and at-home treatments please just pop in and see us at The Nail & Body Boutique.

Here are just a few different options you can choose from at The Nail & Body Boutique:

CACI facials are hugely popular in The Nail & Body Boutique. They lift, tighten and restore your skin and our clients love the results. We can incorporate these facials with Red LED light treatment that helps promote collagen and elastin, this is a great treatment for fine lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead. A course of 10-15 is recommended twice a week then once a month for maintenance to keep the results.

If you’re going a bit droopy around the jaw line then CACI jowl lift is a more intensive treatment that instantly gives lift and tightens. You can really see and feel the results, why not add it on to The Nail & Body Boutique’s typical CACI facial for a double whammy.

CACI eye revive is amazing at giving a lift and tighten and helps with eye bags and dark circles. You will need at least a course of 10 twice a week then maintenance of once a month to keep the results lasting.

IPL skin rejuvenation at The Nail & Body Boutique. Course of 6 is recommended. Intense pulse light has been in the industry for years and is well known for its results in anti-ageing. This treatment is classed as an aesthetic treatment as it delivers deeper into the skin. It heats the deeper layers of skin which in turn stimulates Collagen and elastin which will give you plumper, rejuvenated skin and a more youthful appearance. You will need to come in and have a patch test done to make sure you are suitable for this treatment.

PEELS. The Nail & Body Boutique’s Glycolic peels are a great way of helping lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation and help improve one’s skin tone. You get instant results, your skin feels so clean and fresh and you look glowing.

Whatever your concern is, The Nail & Body Boutique have the solution for you to ensure you see results that will be long lasting and life-changing. Call and book your skin analysis and reset your skincare to reset your skin.

Get a head start on your new perfect skin and check out The Nail & Body Boutique Facials pricelist page.