Find luxury skincare and makeup for sensitive skin with Jane Iredale mineral makeup at the Nail & Body Boutique in Reigate

At The Nail & Body Boutique, it’s that time of year again where we’re dusting off the cobwebs and cleaning our homes ready for the hot summer months, but what about our skin? It’s this time of year that we need to put back a little TLC.

Why not pop in and see what we have to offer? Summertime is great for hydrating those skin cells that, if left, will contribute to dull, lacklustre and aged skin. Put the pizazz back to get that all important glow no matter what your age.

Here are a few recommended treatments from The Nail & Body Boutique that will give you instant results:



The perfect antidote to a dry, lacklustre complexion. This intensive treatment will deeply hydrate the skin whilst plumping and firming. With the use of hyaluronic acid, it will help to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and will increase the plumpness of the skin, resulting in perfectly moisturised, hydrated and glowing skin. The go-to summertime facial.

Pair this treatment with ENVIRON Hydrating Oil Capsules: pods of pure luxury, instant hydration in a handy little cap to apply directly to the face, neck and décolleté for the ultimate hydration.

FEED FROM WITHIN: Take home The Nail & Body Boutique Skin Omegas and ensure that every skin cell is deeply hydrated and fed with the essential ingredients of Vitamin A, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


Talking about Summer – have you looked at your make up bag recently?
The Nail & Body Boutique’s Jane Iredale make up range is 100% natural and 100% mineral. It is your 4-in-one: concealer, foundation, SPF sunscreen protection and active skincare benefits with skin loving ingredients. It will protect your skin and is an extension into your skincare. It is like no other makeup on the market; once you switch to Jane Iredale you will never use another brand again.

Give yourself a treat and see the new Jane Iredale Summer collection. The colours are amazing and we can create a bespoke and personalised right colour for you with the perfect colour match. Your skin will glow and because it’s pure mineral it’s a compete protection for your skin!

Come and see what The Nail & Body Boutique’s fantastic makeup artist Becky can do for you. Finishing with Jane Iredale Makeup is a must as it’s pure mineral and non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores–on the contrary it will help your skin breathe and bring back a glow for a flawless complexion.

For a complete flawless look try our liquid foundation Glow time.


Have you booked that all important Holiday yet?

Now’s the time to get your body looking goooooood.

The Nail & Body Boutique have just launched our new result-driven Environ Body Treatment. The reviews on this new kid on the block are incredible–it’s ideal for those little nagging issues of bingo wings, that loose bit of skin around your tummy or the tops of thighs.

Working on the technology of combined sonophoresis and iontophoresis which drives essential Vitamin A to help tighten and restore the tightness back to your areas of concern.

Typical Treatment times are an hour but you will need one of these weekly for 8-10 weeks. You will love the results and your being pampered at the same time: WIN- WIN. It’s proven to be a real hit with clients, book in for your first treatment and experience it for yourself.


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